Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby Palmer Update: Week 36

Close to 1 month left! Our classes have prepped us for a birth closer to 41+ weeks, so we're not dead set on our estimated due date of August 5. Whenever this little one is ready to  make his/her appearance is fine enough with us. Baby Palmer is in a great position though (i.e. head down), so we're looking good. At my last appointment with the midwife I also learned that the large bulge making my belly look lopsided is the baby's butt. Awesome.
As for me, this pregnancy hasn't been without it's 'I feel fat/sick/hurty' moments, but all in all everything has been pretty blissful. It's the most surreal feeling sharing your body with another little soul for so long. What's even more amazing is that this little being is a perfect combination of Eric & me. Life is beautiful. Not a day goes by in which I don't think about how truly blessed we are. 
Alright, enough with the emotional mamma stuff - I know you are dying to see the nursery.

I was going to hold off on making the crib skirt/window valance until we found out the baby's gender, but I saw the perfect ikat fabric that I just couldn't pass up. Plus, my nesting instincts have kicked in full force. So we ended up with an eclectic, gender neutral nursery.
And now for the belly photos:

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