Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baby Palmer Update: Week 32

Holy cow, are we at 8 months already?! 

Baby Palmer currently weighs in at roughly 4 lbs and is nearly 17 inches long. All those kicks from previous months have evolved into twists and turns he/she runs out of room in there. E and I have fun in the evening trying to determine what body part is protruding out of my stomach. Our little one has also been entertaining me with a lot of tiny little hiccups.

Moving around is becoming increasingly more difficult. However, I've perfected what I like to call the "sausage roll" which basically entails getting out of bed/up from laying on the couch by rolling onto one side and sliding off. It's not very graceful but it does the job. Eric's been a good sport and will give me a boost when he can. You've got to commend the man for not laughing.

Last but not least, here are the belly photos for you!

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  1. Holy cow! Eight months!! Our little Virgo will be here in no time. :)


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