Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby Palmer Update: Week 24

According to our most recent checkup Baby Palmer is roughly 12 inches long, weighs a little over 1lb, and has a strong heartbeat. Since his/her hearing has developed over the past few weeks, I try to play music often. That's right, I am the crazy lady who puts headphones on her belly. Recent playlists include yoga music, Dave Matthews Band, and Jack Johnson. When I turn the music on I get little movements in response which I'm guessing either mean "this is great" or "turn that s*&% off, mom". Communication is a little unclear at this point. Nevertheless, our little one's tossing and turning is always a comforting feeling. Eric even got a swift kick to the face the other day when he was resting his head on my belly. We've definitely got a little soccer player in there!

As for mama, I'm doing great! Not much has changed other than my expanding midsection. E & I have been packing like crazy and are very much looking forward to our trip to Colorado next week to find a home. I can't wait to start decorating the baby nursery! All in all, life is absolute bliss right now. We are happy and healthy - you can't ask for much more than that.

Now onto the belly photos...


  1. You look awesome: beautiful and happy. :)

    Good luck w/your trip next week. Keep me posted on where you land! Can't wait to visit the three of you in CO!

    1. Thanks, love! Wishing you guys a wonderfully easy move too. Looking forward to hearing about how London is treating ya :)

  2. eeek! This is so awesome and exciting. So happy for you!


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