Sunday, September 18, 2011

Latest Project: Tailgating Super Cooler (aka eRock)

The SMU alumni are an avid group of tailgaters. On game day, tents line the Boulevard with festivities galore. 

Every year our group’s tent evolves with some little extra perk. It started with the satellite TV setup, then the giant Jenga game, and last year was the “ping pong” table. Well, this year’s contribution comes from my wonderful and talented husband Eric: a ridiculously amazing dual beer cooler/speaker system. This thing rocks. Literally.

The most incredible thing is, HE MADE IT ALL HIMSELF!!!! I know, I’m impressed too. Here are some detail shots of the finished awesomeness:

This contraption is pretty crazy – it has two Boss marine speakers operated by a head unit thingy for your car (technical I know), detachable LED lights to illuminate any part of the beer section or for use as a flashlight, a cigarette lighter charger thingy (there I go with my technical jargon again), and master on/off switches for each separate component. All of this, by the way, is powered by a lawnmower battery aaaaaand it can fit about 40 beers.

Now thats one dedicated tailgater!

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