Thursday, August 11, 2011

Latest Project: Handmade Gift Tags

If you like to sew (and are anything like me), I’m sure you’ve got a growing pile of fabric scraps that you’re reluctant to throw away. Well today’s your day, I have a quick and easy way to put those suckers to good use!

Handmade Gift Tags

Materials: Watercolor paper, Pencil, Scissors, Fabric Scraps, Thread, Sewing Machine, Hole Punch.

Step 1: draw your gift tag outline. 
I prefer watercolor paper due to its lovely texture and weight. The size I’m making here is roughly 2.5"x1.5".  I pretty much just draw a rectangle and then cut the corners off (rocket science, I know).

Step 2: cut out your gift tag. 
This is my least favorite part, so I like to cut a bunch all at once.

Step 3: Cut out rectangles of scrap fabric. 
Make sure your fabric rectangles are large enough to comfortably sew onto your gift tag.

Step 4: Sew fabric to gift tag. 
I use a tiny 1/16” edge for this size tag.

Step 5: trim fabric edges. 
Get creative and make the edges look however you like!

Step 6: Punch the hole and you’re done.
All that is left is a sweet message for the lucky recipient.

Taa Daa! Now you’ve got a nice personal touch to tell your friends & loved ones how much you care about them. I can’t wait to try this technique on a few more things like greeting cards or even a creative finish for paintings. Oooh the ideas!

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