Monday, July 25, 2011

Tried-and-True Yoga Sequence

For me, yoga provides endless inspiration to look inward, follow my heart, and develop into the person I truly want to be.

Today I would love to share with you one of my absolute favorite, go-to yoga sequences. I think it's fairly comprehensive and perfect for all levels. Before the written sequence I’ve included some oh-so-lovely stick figures for a visual representation of the entire flow. You can also click on each hyperlinked pose below which will take you directly to the Yoga Journal's detailed description. Enjoy!

*inhale* bring arms up to upward salute
*exhale* to forward fold
*inhale* to flat back
*exhale* step back to high lunge (right foot in front)
*inhale* come up to warrior I
*exhale* to warrior II
*inhale* to reverse warrior
*exhale* straighten front leg and extend into triangle
*inhale* step up to half moon
*exhale* extend back to warrior II
*inhale* spiral arms down to high lunge (right foot forward)
*exhale* step back to plank, moving through to chaturanga  (high to low push-up)
*inhale* to upward facing dog
*exhale* to downward facing dog
*inhale* step forward to high lunge (left foot front)
*exhale* step up to forward fold
*inhale* roll all the way up, bringing arms up to upward salute *exhale* arms down to mountain pose
Now repeat on the opposite side.

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